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Finding your perfect job starts by knowing what you want as well as what you don’t want.

There’s generally nothing fun about the process of getting a new job (until the end!). Applying for myriad jobs can be a hopeless blackhole. Recruiters often get a bad rap because they offer you jobs you are not interested in. All I see on social these days are people just blasting new jobs out into the ether hoping and praying the ideal candidates see it.

Plus there’s the bias and general the lack of diversity when it comes to hiring. There’s got to be a better way to approach this, and to take bias out before it starts. That’s where MyPerfectJob comes in. Think of this as the opposite of a job board; a job seeker board.

Profiles are set up without names, genders, avatars, etc. anything that can plant the seed of bias. Candidates can be judged based on what they are doing, and what they want to be doing next.

For job seekers Stop hoping the perfect product job finds you.

Don’t just hope your perfect job lands in your lap, make it happen. Tell companies what you want and what you don’t want in your next role. Stand out by what you’ve done and what you want.

Want to work at Figma? Only interested in early stage startups? Just set up your profile with whatever *you want* to do.

For recruiters Stop hoping you’ll find the perfect product hire.

As a recruiter or someone hiring, what if you could go and find product managers, designers, etc. that fit your needs and want to work for your company? Also, what if you knew companies or types of businesses product people would never work for?

I am hopeful we can change how finding a new job happens, and offer more opportunity to everyone. I’d love it if you joined & helped out.

Create your free profile, or explore job seekers and find your next perfect hire.

Made in Denver ⛰️, by @jefff.co, an indiehacker trying to do good with technology.

Interested in learning more, or supporting this effort? Check it out on kern.al 😁